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sewing machine janome 6260qc
sewing machine janome 6260qc
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27 Jan 2020
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Specification of

Janome portable sewing machine
Type: 6260-QC
watts: 50
Brand: Japan
assembly: TAIWAN
volts: 220 ~ 240 ~ 50HZ

Janome 6260QC Quilting Sewing Machine, Designed For Hobby Quilting, an electronic sewing machine that has many features. As the name implies, skilled QC helps you complete various stitching projects. Using a Digital System is designed using a computer system, guaranteeing the accuracy of the machine operating system and the neatness and beauty of the stitches. It has 60 basic and decorative stitch patterns, 7 types of 1 step automatic button hole, Top drop bobbin system, spool sat thread retrieval system automatically starts sewing equipped with bright LED lights that make you comfortable in creating your stitch projects,
So when else do you get a sewing machine with features that suit your needs, please read the specifications below.
digital screen
This sewing machine is widely used for quilting hobbies, according to their needs.
smooth engine sound
zigzags up to 7 mm can be adjusted as desired
have some kind of button
can obras spring
free to determine the position of the needle
automatic thread entry
speed can be adjusted
there are several types of hand feston
can sew jeans, t-shirts, canvas, bags, wallets, bade covers, etc.
equipped with a hard cover
can lock the edge of the decorative stitch
the machine is not fussy
machine body is made of alumuniaum frame
can be quilting and pacthwork

Janome 6260qc Accessories
Walking Shoes
Shoes Darnng (P)
1/4 "(O) shoes
Satin Shoes (F2)
Stitch / Pasan guide
Baud Guide Stitch / Pasan
Som (G) shoes
Hemmer Shoes (D)
Cording shoes (H)
Satin Shoes (F)
Zipper Shoes (E)
Obras Shoes (C)
Zig-Zag Shoes (A)
Close Small Thread Retainer
Close the Large Yarn Retainer
Vertical Thread Pole
Vertical Thread Pole Holder
Thread Silencer (Pelt)
Hard cover
Triangle Screwdriver
Electrical Connection Cable
Foot Control

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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