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Sewing Machine Janome MyStyle 500
Sewing Machine Janome MyStyle 500
Sewing Machine Janome MyStyle 500
Sewing Machine Janome MyStyle 500
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16 Dec 2019
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IDR 4.500.000

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Sewing Machine Janome MyStyle 500

Quickly and easily, view machine Janome The MyStyle 500 very fancy and makes you not bored mejahit, comes with 25 built-in stitches, including a one-step button automatic, most importantly, MyStyle 500 gives you satisfaction and strength results Stitches, accuracy for complete the project stitching you, no matter what type of fabric you choose, the engine sound is very soft, does not interfere with your family while sewing at night, Installation yarn lifeboats very easy and controlled, for more information, please read featurnya below this.

having 25 kinds of stitches
one-step automatic buttonholes
introducer needle thread kemata auto
model of horizontal rotary hook (lifeboat above)
zig-zag width can be set as desired
Lembit and the engine sound more refined
Can sewing material T-shirt and jeans
drop feed dogs for semi embroidery or pairs of studs
can feston sloping
No hard cover
suitable for beginners and advanced
can spring obras
can spring embroidery manual
could quilting and patchwork (OPTIONAL SHOE)
is able to sew all kinds of fabrics, sewing can be T-shirts, jeans, handbags, wallets ETC.
spare-parts ready and common

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