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janome sewing machine series 24
janome sewing machine series 24
janome sewing machine series 24
janome sewing machine series 24
janome sewing machine series 24
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09 Jan 2020
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IDR 3.950.000

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Janome series 24 sewing machines (JANOME ST-24, CT2480LX and J3-24), are designed for craft hobbies and hobbies for fashion sewing, with a very sturdy and elegant look design makes this machine widely used in all circles of tailors and reliable in all fields, janome series 24 portable sewing machines with heavy duty quality above average.
This Janome Series 24 sewing machine has enough features to suit your needs.
As the name implies Janome series 24 is skilled in helping you complete various stitch projects such as sewing, t-shirts, jeans, canvas bags, fashion, wallets, quilting, pacthwork DLL, all can be passed by this Janome series 24.
The Janome series 24 is equipped with three button features, starting from the selector button, length, and witdh with different functions, this sewing machine is capable of making buttonholes with just one step automatically and is equipped with a hard cover to protect against hard impact and dust.
For those of you who have difficulty entering needle-eyed threads, the Janome series 24 has been equipped with needle-stitch thread-entry features automatically, with three color choices and designs that are very popular in all circles, and make you more comfortable using it with a very different machine appearance. using a three-button system that is designed using a mechanical and basic body system made of aluminum frames that ensures the durability of the machine to be stronger durable and durable and the accuracy of the machine operating system, tidiness and beauty of the stitching results. Janome series 24 has 25 basic stitch patterns, facilitated Buttonhole with just one step, makes it comfortable to be creative, so when else you have a sewing machine with features to suit your needs only found in the Janome Series 24.
• - Has 25 kinds of stitches
• -One step automatic buttonhole
• Thread-entry to auto needles
• Zigzag width can be adjusted as desired
• -Minim Vibration
• -Can sewing t-shirts and jeans
• -Drop feed dog for semi-embroidered or button-mounted
• - The thread can go up and down
• -Free arm
• -Can feston tilt
• -Hard cover
• - Able to sew leather 5mm Max
• -Suitable for beginners and proficient
• -Semi obras and neci
• -Semi manual embroidery
• -Included quilting and patchwork toolkit
• -Spare readi and general parts



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