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Sell Sewing Machine Janome 1600p-QC

Specification of Sewing Machine Janome 1600p-QC

Janome sewing machine quilting 1600P-qc, designed for the hobby of quilting, sewing machine electronics that have many features. As the name implies qc expert in helping solve your stitching projects. Using a digital system designed using computer systems, machine operating system to ensure the accuracy and neatness and beauty of the jahitan.Mempunyai some type of automatic key, three types of speed steps, making thread from a spool system automatically kejarum, equipped with bright LED lights make you feel comfortable in completing creative projects that you inginkan.Mesin sewing stitches may additionally include automatic quilting frame

features - features
High speed portable sewing machine
speeds from 800 to 1.600 spm
Automatic bobbin player
long arm sewing machine
No scratching force shoes
the thickness of the fabric with pressure indicators
automatic breaker thread
engine speed control can slow-motion
models of rotary hook industries
free to determine the position of the needle is automatically
dilengkapai with double light
stitch length 0 ~ 6mm
lever back and forth is very light
sewing machine design is very elegant and luxurious
the engine speed can be set in accordance with the wishes
program position needle up / down
extra-high boots-lever force: 6 mm (extra lift: 12.7 mm)
removal of shoes: 8 mm
free extention table
automatic yarn feeder ke jarum
more refined engine sound and low vibration
can sew shirts, jeans, semi-leather, cotton, satin, etc.

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