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Janome fd216 sewing machine beginer

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16 Mar 2023
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Mesin Janome

Specification of Janome fd216 sewing machine beginer

  • You feel bored with the sewing machine that you have very fussy and do not want to be invited to the cooperation,

    We now present to you I feel tired of being bored, not

    Janome now present the very latest FD216 Series cheap simple and versatile main reply answer all your wishes,

    with Janome fd216 you've no need to kwatir again, this sewing machine is designed for you who love/love to sew it all

This type of fabric,


Many wrote to say the janome fd216 designed which is ideal for beginners and advanced.Easy to use, attractive design and elegant,

and especially the excellent quality and durability. JANOME FD216 has 19 kinds of stitches are very suited to your needs,

Sew at night day with Janome FD216 Series will not interfere with existing surrounding you, karna fd216 janome dirancang with a HORIZONTAL models of lifeboats


and it comes with a very bright LED lights so as not to ruin your penglihtan, ease pick stitches with buttons that are very easy on select,

This sewing machine also comes with pemasuk yarn needle kemata automatically, so when else can you get a sewing machine sesuia with your wishes, all of his already contained in JANOME FD216! For more information please read the Specificasinya below.



  • Has 19 kinds of stitches

  • A very smooth engine noise

  • Equipped with LED lights

  • The length of the Stitch can be arranged

  • Zig-Zag width can be regulated according to the wishes of the

  • Horizontal rotary hook

  • Had 3 different reply button

  • Being able to Sew all types of fabric

  • Player/Auto-Bobbin for rolling

  • There is a lever back and forth a stitch

  • Shoe replacement very easy snap-on system

  • Easy Pick stitch motif

  • There is a cutter thread Break

  • Can install studs

  • The Hole

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