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Janome Household Sewing Machine Type J3-24

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Janome Household Sewing Machine Type J3-24

Janome portable sewing machine

Type: J3-24 HEAVY DUTY

watts: 60

Brand: Japan

assembly: THAILAND

volts: 220 ~ 240 ~ 50HZ

Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine, Designed For Hobby Crafts And Hobby Sewing Fasion.

With A Very Sturdy And Elegant Design Display Makes This Machine Able And Reliable In All Fields.

Janome J3-24 sewing machine which has features that are quite suitable for your needs.

In accordance with His Name Janome J3-24 is Quality in Helping to Complete Your Stitching Project. Like Sewing, T-Shirts, Jeans, Canvas Bags, Clothes, Wallets, Quilting and Pacthwork, ETC, All Can Be Passed by Janome J3-24.

Janome J3-24 Is Equipped With Three Button Features, Starting From Selector, Length, And Witd Button.

And Can Automatically Make One-Step Buttonhole, Equipped With A Hard Cover Dust Cover.

For Those Of You Who Are Difficult To Insert Needle-Eyed Threads, With Janome J3-24 Already Equipped With Automatic Features.

With a two-color display namely white and blue Dongker, colors are very popular in all circles, making you more comfortable with sewing, with a very different machine appearance.

Using System Keys Are Designed Using A Mechanical System And The Body Base Is Made Of Aluminum Frames That Ensure A Tough Machine To Be Stronger And Durable, Ensuring The Accuracy Of The Machine Operating System And Neatness And The Beauty Of Stitch Results. It Has 25 Basic Seam Patterns, Facilitated With One Step Step , Makes It Comfortable in Creating, So When You Are

Getting a Sewing Machine with Features to Suit Your Needs, Please Read the Specifications Below


• - Has 25 types of stitches

• -One step automatic buttonhole

• Automatic input into the needle

• Zigzag width can be adjusted as desired

• Vibrate

• LED lights

• - Can sew t-shirts and jeans

Dog feed - Drop for semi-embroidery or button-mounted

• - Thread can go up and down

• - Free arm

• - Has a feston slope

• - There is a hard cover

• -Suitable for beginners and proficient

• - Can be a spring obras

• Can be semi-manual embroidery

• -Can be quilting and patchy

• - Take readi and common parts

Built-in J3-24 Janome Machine Accessories

1. Walking shoes

2. Shoe dripping

3. Obras Spring Shoes

4. 1/4 "Pacthwork

5. Som shoes

6. Satin shoes

7. Automatic Button Shoes

8. Zippered shoes

9. Normal Shoes / Zik Zak (Set Dimesin)

10. Ultra Glide / Teflon Orginal shoes

11. Organ Needles No.16 / 18

12. Number 14 organ needles

13. Pendedel

14. Bobbin x3

15. Small Screwdriver x1

16. Guidebook

17. Hard Cover

18. Dinamo pedal

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